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National and State
Health Education Standards

´╗┐The National Health Education Standards were created as a tool for educators to develop grade appropriate and challenging content for students. There are seven standards which use specific performance indicators detailing the knowledge and skills needed for the development of health literacy at each grade level.

For a free copy of our matrix which illustrates how HPW meets each of the national performance standards call 1-800-374-7953 or click on the link below to view our matrix available on-line in Acrobat Reader PDF format.

National Standards National Standards (382 KB)

HPW has also completed matrixes for many state standards which are listed below. If you do not see your state's standards contact us.

California Correlation California Correlation (468 KB)

Colorado Correlation Colorado Correlation (194 KB)

Connecticut Correlation Connecticut Correlation (139 KB)

Illinois Correlation Illinois Correlation (229 KB)

Kansas Correlation Kansas Correlation (623 KB)

Maryland Correlation Maryland Correlation (256 KB)

Massachusetts Correlation Massachusetts Correlation (1219 KB)

Missouri Correlation Missouri Correlation (533 KB)

New Jersey Correlation New Jersey Correlation (237 KB)

New Jersey Online Correlation New Jersey Online Correlation (735 KB)

New York Correlation New York Correlation (107 KB)

Texas K-2 Correlation Texas K-2 Correlation (404 KB)

Texas 3-5 Correlation Texas 3-5 Correlation (548 KB)

Vermont Correlation Vermont Correlation (260 KB)

Virginia Correlation Virginia Correlation (1355 KB)

Washington Correlation Washington Correlation (120 KB)

Wisconsin Correlation Wisconsin Correlation (1592 KB)

If you are experiencing problems downloading pdf files you may want to upgrade your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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