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About Health Promotion Wave

The only K through 12 Comprehensive Health Education Program


´╗┐Information today is expanding at breathtaking rates and the ability to apply new learning in the classroom is crucial. Nowhere is this more visible than in the field of health. While the volume of knowledge is exploding, society is placing ever-greater demands on teachers to ensure that the next generation benefits from the gains we have made; whether it be in safety, nutrition and physical activity, disease prevention, resolving conflicts, or managing stress. The challenge we face is in incorporating positive lifelong habits into an already busy school day. Studies tell us that students must be actively engaged in the learning process to retain the information presented. Health Promotion Wave (HPW) is the embodiment of that premise.

HPW is a national, research-based, K-12 comprehensive health curriculum. It is aligned with the National Health Education Standards, as well as many State Standards and has clearly stated goals and objectives for all health content areas. Our ultimate goal is health literacy for all children. HPW was designed to ensure that all children learn how to make responsible, safe, and healthful choices throughout their lives. ‘All students’ include those with disabilities or diverse backgrounds.

Proven and demonstrated teaching methods, combined with specially developed instructional tools are the cornerstone of the HPW health curriculum. These tools help students become active learners in the classroom; they learn to work together in groups and in self-directed projects. The lessons and activities are designed to build positive attitudes, engage and motivate students, reduce conflict and promote cooperation and respect. Students also develop the ability to internalize the critical health values they will need the rest of their lives.

HPW: Research Based, Theory Driven HPW: Research Based, Theory Driven (82 KB)

Working together we can make health literacy for all a reality.

About the Author

´╗┐Barbara J. Moggio R.N., MPH, CHES

After ten years of experience in cardiac critical care, Barbara changed her focus to health promotion and disease prevention. She received her Master's degree in Public Health from Yale University, with an emphasis in health education. As an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Iona College in New York, Barbara developed and taught courses in personal health behaviors, medical care for the layperson, and research, writing and evaluation.

She has provided extensive teacher training and specialty workshops throughout the country, and presents at both national and state conferences.

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