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Coordinated School Health

At Health Wave we are more than just a health curriculum


Parent/Community Involvement

Health Wave’s curriculum has an integrated Parent Component. This includes parent letters, activities and projects designed to emphasize the importance of the family in addressing the healthy development of children.


Health Education

Risk factors associated with the leading causes of death are all largely preventable. Planned, sequential K-12 curriculum develops health knowledge, attitudes and skills. Designed to motivate students to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease and reduce risk behaviors.


Health Promotion for Staff

Interactive CD for faculty and staff promotes healthy behavior and lifestyle, reduction of risk behaviors and the prevention of disease. Monthly Newsletters provide current health information and can be linked to school websites.


Healthy School Environment

Health Wave’s curriculum provides many opportunities for students to participate in and improve the physical, emotional and social climate of the school. Student directed projects address safety issues, bullying, health fairs, anti-drug campaigns and identifying community resources.


Counseling and Psychological Services

Health Wave’s curriculum is correlated to the 40 Developmental Assets that have been identified by the Search Institute. Curriculum activities focus on cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social needs of individuals, groups and families.


Nutrition Services

Health Wave’s curriculum integrates nutrition education with an awareness of nutritious choices in the school, home and community environment. Student directed projects address the nutritional offerings in the school cafeteria as well as making healthy selections in community restaurants.


Health Services

Health Wave's Teacher Resource Guide provides the latest information, articles and guidelines for common childhood concerns. The Guide also includes national hotlines and websites for further information and referrals. Lesson plans promote the health and safety of students and families and provide opportunites to explore local community resources.


Physical Education

Health Wave’s curriculum promotes lifelong physical activity, teaches the benefits of physical activity and uses the F.I.T. model to teach the concepts of frequency, intensity and training.

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