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About HPW

Health Promotion Wave (HPW) is a student-centered K-12 comprehensive curriculum where skills and knowledge taught in the early grades are reinforced and built upon in the later grades. All content areas are covered and connect the classroom with home, school, and the community. The curriculum follows CDC guidelines, meets national standards, and has been proven to be effective at changing the attitudes and behaviors of students participating in the program. Learn more about HPW. Click on the links below for curriculum specifics at the different grade levels and within each of our purchasing options.

Product Information

HPW provides everything you need in one K-12 comprehensive, skill-based health program. What we've created is a teacher friendly, health literacy program to meet the needs of every student. Materials include a combination of course materials for teachers, students and parents, PLUS award winning literature, videos, software, posters and interactive games at every grade level.


Purchasing Options

Health Wave Publishing Company offers a variety of purchasing options for the Health Promotion Wave (HPW) curriculum: The Comprehensive Curriculum, The Full Core Curriculum, The Ultimate Teacher Resource and our newest option the HPW Online program. Each of these options provides teacher and students with the most extensive and effective health curriculum on the market at the lowest cost in both the short- and long-term outlook. See which purchasing plan best fits your needs.


For pricing details on our online program call us at 1-800-374-7953. For a comprehensive cost analysis of our print programs click the link below.

HPW Cost Analysis HPW Cost Analysis (242 KB)

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